stratagene pCR-script--- good or bad?

Klaus.Matthaei at ANU.EDU.AU Klaus.Matthaei at ANU.EDU.AU
Wed Apr 6 18:17:47 EST 1994

>Howdy folks, 
>Can any users of the above mentioned cloning vector/ kit post some
>opinions concerning performance?  I am currently cloning into pSP72 using
>the pharmacia sureclone kit and have found that it works fine but gives
>colonies without inserts a fair proportion of the time.  
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The kit does work but the enzyme is VERY expensive.  You need blue/white
selection because almost half of the colonies are religation.  We have
engineered pGem7 with an Srf1 site and buy the enzyme in (~$A800.00 for
300U from Stratagene). (Other sources of Srf1??? anyone??)  

If your insert does not have a Sma site use Sma instead.  This also works.

1. DO NOT ligate for longer than an hour or so at 25*C or your background
2. Use Sma to cut your vector and then use the Srf1 in the ligation.  Since
Sma is FAR cheaper.

Cheers, Klaus

Disclaimer: not all this info is from my lab but the other sources should
be reliable. K
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