'Tandem' Primers for PCR Mutagenesis

FJVAND00 at ukcc.uky.edu FJVAND00 at ukcc.uky.edu
Thu Apr 7 13:08:55 EST 1994

In article <940407112930.2831 at jason.uthct.edu>
SHAUN at JASON.UTHCT.EDU ("Shaun D. Black") writes:
>Universal,  ________\         ____*__\                  & Mutagenic primers
>           <----------------------------------------    Template DNA +
>            ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||    Base pairs
>           ---------------------------------------->    Template DNA -
>Mutagenic,                   \----*---      \-------    & Universal primers
>                      *********************             Coding region
I dunno exactly Shaun, but it looks interesting.  You might want to include
a thermostable ligase.  A similar protocol, involving Taq ligase, was
presented by S.F. Michael (Biotechniques 1994 16:410-412), which you might
want to check out.  Anyone who gets results with this, we'd be interested to
hear a summary to this group.
Frank van de Loo,
USDA/ARS, Lexington KY

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