Oligo. programs

Shiao Y. Wang sywang at whale.st.usm.edu
Fri Apr 8 00:30:40 EST 1994

Condie Carmack (ccarmack at genpharm.com) wrote:
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: Dear netters!

: I am looking for an oligo design program (other than amplify 1.2) which
: is either shareware or commercial that will allow me to design PCR
: primers.  I want it to tell me the melting point, if dimers form and if
: there are going to be hairpinloops.  It would also be nice if it could
: create random primers of specified lengths.

: Sarven

I believe someone at the Whitehead Institute has written a very nice
program for oligo design and is available for free. I had written once to
obtain a IBM DOS version but never heard back. Unfortunately, I lost the
address. Anyone know of this program? I believe it was called Primer.

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