methods for cell sorting required

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> Ms S.P. Moyes (smoyes at wrote:
> : I would like to seperate antigen positive and antigen negative cell
> : populations.  Coating SRBCs or microtitre plates with the antibody has been 
> : suggested, then binding the cells followed by washing with PBS.  
> : Any comments on these methods or suggestions on other methods gratefully 
> : received .

Dear Andy,

Take a look at Dynabeads from Dynal. Using these magnetic beads coated with
various substances (poly T, biotinylated things, antibodies??) the beads
are mixed with RNA/cells etc... Using a magnet cells or mRNA can be

They isolate pure cell-types using this method (Dynal)

Give 'em a ring - dont have phone no. on me at the mo.
If u r interested i will dig it up.

Works well for mRNA BTW. From cell/tissue to mRNA in an hour or less. Works
well, can even inject it into oocytes!!! and get functional receptors!


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