question regarding RACE kits

Timo Hiltunen hiltunen at
Thu Apr 7 03:15:53 EST 1994

Has someone had success with Clontech's RACE Kit?

Timo Hiltunen
Univ. of Tampere

In <2ntuod$oge at> "Matthias Zeiner" <mzei at> writes:

>On 5 Apr 1994 23:07:53 GMT, Feng Jin wrote:

>>I am studying a cuticular wax gene in maize. The transcript is about 1.4-kb,
>>however my largest cDNA is 0.8-kb. I would like to try to use RACE to amplify
>>the 5' of this message. There are some kits available that I have seen
>>advertised. I would just like to know if somebody has ever have any experience
>>using these kits and which kit is best based on your experience.
>>Thanks in advance.

>I tried the "5'-Amplifinder RACE Kit" from Clontech. It was a complete 
>failure. Even the supplied control was very poor. Other controls showed, 
>that the reverse transcription step worked. Therefore I think anchor 
>ligation using T4 RNA Ligase is the problem. Could it be that Clontech's T4 
>RNA Ligase is trash?

>Matthias Zeiner

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