DynaZyme DNA Polymerase Kit

Timo Hiltunen hiltunen at convex.csc.FI
Thu Apr 7 03:14:06 EST 1994

In <Pine.3.89.9404061528.A456-0100000 at kb.usm.my> zainul at KB.USM.MY (Zainul Zain) writes:

>Dear Netters,
>             We currently bought DynaZyme DNA Polymerase Kit which is 
>produced by Finnzymes Oy, Finland. 
>	     We used this product for my PCR works and we have used the 
>dNTP mixed concentration at 100 and 200 uM of each dNTP with 1.5 mM Mg 
>Cl2. The results were quite dissapointing for us since there were no 
>amplication at all. The above reaction worked with other systems. 

>	     Does anybody works with this kit before? Please advice us on 
>how to use the kit correctly.
>             Thanx in advance.

>Cheers and "terima kasih"

>School of Medical Sciences
>Universiti Sains Malaysia,
>Kelantan, Malaysia.
>E-mail via : zainul at kb.usm.my

I have used Dynazyme, because it is cheap (and domestic).
dNTP concentrations have varied between 20 and 200 uM each, and
total MgCl2 between 1.5 and 4.5 mM.

It has worked fine, and I have found no major differences to other
polymerases in ordinary use.

Timo Hiltunen
University of Tampere

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