More 5'-RACE kits

Brett Levay-Young brett at WHAMSERVER.SURG.UMN.EDU
Thu Apr 7 14:25:06 EST 1994

>>I would just like to know if somebody has ever have any experience
>>using these kits and which kit is best based on your experience.
>>Thanks in advance.
>I tried the "5'-Amplifinder RACE Kit" from Clontech. It was a complete 
>failure. Even the supplied control was very poor. Other controls showed, 
>that the reverse transcription step worked. Therefore I think anchor 
>ligation using T4 RNA Ligase is the problem. Could it be that Clontech's T4 
>RNA Ligase is trash?
>Matthias Zeiner

A non-netter here in the Dept. of Surgery is using the BRL 5'-RACE kit 
with (she says) great success.  Easy, lots of transformants, etc.
Haven't tried it yet myself, but soon . . .

I'm not affiliated with Gibco/BRL blah blah blah.

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