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>: Dear netters!
>: I am looking for an oligo design program (other than amplify 1.2) which
>: is either shareware or commercial that will allow me to design PCR
>: primers.  I want it to tell me the melting point, if dimers form and if
>: there are going to be hairpinloops.  It would also be nice if it could
>: create random primers of specified lengths.
>: Sarven
>I believe someone at the Whitehead Institute has written a very nice
>program for oligo design and is available for free. I had written once to
>obtain a IBM DOS version but never heard back. Unfortunately, I lost the
>address. Anyone know of this program? I believe it was called Primer.

I have used PRIMER which I think is very good.  It was written by
Stephen E. Lincoln, Mark J. Daly and Eric S. Lander
MIT Center for Genome Research and
Whitehead Institute for biomedical Research
Nine Cambridge Center
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02142

Write to "Primer c/o The Lander Lab" at the above address
or E-mail to
primer at genome.wi.edu (Internet)  or
lander at mitwibr (Bitnet)
or FAX 617-258-6505 and tell them what you want to run PRIMER on I am
sure that they will send you a copy.
  I hope that this is of help.

        Simon Futers (futers at biovax.leeds.ac.uk)

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