How do you make Deionized foramide?

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Fri Apr 8 09:50:58 EST 1994

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>	The subject says it all really,  we want it for Southern
>and Northen work,   and are tired of having to wait for it from 
>CloneTech,  (lower cost would be another plus point...)

	According to Maniatis, just sit your formamide with
Dowex XG8 mixed-bed resin for one hour and filter twice through
Whatman #1 paper.  Store deionized formamide in small aliquots
under nitrogen at -70 C. Another resin is Bio-Rad's AG501-X8(D )
(20-50 mesh).  Use 5 g /100 ml.


P.S.  This stuff is in every basic lab book, like Maniatis or
Current Protocols or Met. Enzymol. 152.  It's pretty easy to
find, and you'll probably feel more confident seeing it there
rather than in one of the postings here.

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