Wizard/Magic Preps

Michael Coyne mjcoyne at warren.med.harvard.edu
Fri Apr 8 08:56:03 EST 1994

In article <died-060494000908 at gottschling3.uchicago.edu>,
died at midway.uchicago.edu (Scott J. Diede) wrote:

> I know that this has been discussed before, but can anybody tell me who
> makes the resin that was used in the old Magic Preps.  It is my
> understanding that the reason Promega switched resins was that they lost
> the patent on the resin used in the Magic preps, and they had to switch to
> the resin currently used in the Wizard Preps.  Thanks for any help you can
> give me.

This is my understanding as well.  I further understand that Bio-Rad is the
holder of the patent, and that they offered a licensing arrangement to
Promega, but this was declined.

I was told by my Bio-Rad representitive that their Prep-A-Gene kit uses the
same reagents as the Promega kits originally did (pre-Wizard).  I'm having
a sample kit sent to test out whether these kits will serve us better than
the new and improved Promega kits :).


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