RAIN-X on Sequence Gels?

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> In a previous article, kbarthol at moose.uvm.edu (Kirk A. Bartholomew) says:
> >I recently purchased a bottle of RAIN-X for use on my sequencing gels. 
> >How do I apply it?  Is it a matter of simply following the directions as 
> >printed on the bottle?  Please post reply to this newsgroup or Email to 
> >kbarthol at moose.uvm.edu.  Thanks, Kirk  
> clean your plates with glass plus and isopropanol as i recently described.
> coat the small plate with rain-x using a kimwipe, spreading it evenly.  the
> amount used isnt very important - its hard to go wrong even when you try. 
> let the coat dry (2 min) then apply a second.  then wash with glass plus
> and isopropanol, assemble the sandwich and pour.  voila!
> shouldnt have to reapply the rain-x for 10-20 runs, just clean the plates
> with water, glass plus and isopropanol between uses.  we have found that a
> bottle lasts us for years - great stuff.

I also use Rainex, have been for a couple of years with no problems.  I
have, however had a large problem using Glass Plus window cleaner.  It
caused the gel solution to pull away from the top of the gel, making it
impossible to pour a good gel.  When I switched back to good ole Windex the
problem went away.  The problem may be from siliconizing (rainexing?) both
plates (out of habit from when I was running 0.125 mm gels).  If you notice
this problem, it is probably the Glass Plus not the Rainex.

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