Drying of PAGE gels - Cellophane

Wendy Robinson wendy at medgen.unizh.ch
Sat Apr 9 02:37:57 EST 1994

oesch at hifo.unizh.ch wrote:

: >Hi,
: >
: >We are drying a lot of PAGE gels wrapped in cellophane. The 
: >cellophane we buy currently from BioRad and it is imho very
: >expensive. So I went to the local arts supply shop and bought
: .....
: Hi Jens,
: we are using SARAN which we get from Migros which is a grocery store. The
: foil is originally made by DOW chemicals and the material supposedly is
: PVDC. PVDC probably means polyvinyl dichloride. Other brands did not work.

We use cellophane for drying our PAGE gels which we also get from Migros.
It costs 7.20SF (about 5 dollars) for a 50cm x 5M roll.
It works great, and I can't imagine it wouldn't also be available in any
grocery store from the U.S., which are much bigger and better stocked
then the  much-smaller-than-Safeway-sized Swiss stores.

Wendy Robinson
Univ. of Zurich

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