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> > Could someone repost the recipe for the old Magic Preps resin?
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> Below is a previous posting for preparation and use of diatomaceous
> Earth-based resins.  I apologize for not having the information and thus
> the credit for the original poster of this protocol.
> -- protocol deleted --

I found the previous posting of this protocol with the appropriate


Hi all,
	I've been pretty quiet with all this discussion of Magic Mini preps.
The recent re-posting of the "Merlin procedure" and at the request of
others, I am posting here our "cookbook" for using diatomaceous earth for
midi, and mini-preps.  The DNA prepared as described in this protocol (when

followed by a capable scientist) results in DNA that works extremely well
sequencing (see comments in the protocol), restriction enzyme digestion and

transformation.  The DNA is stable when frozen and thawed a number of times
the Maxi prep. has been successfully used to isolate chimeric plasmids,
and p1 constructs in the size range from 2.4kb to 100kb.

        We have not used this protocol for isolating ss m13 templates as
we previously published a robotic method for isolating 96 m13 templates in
less than 3 hours and here are the references for the robotic m13 isolation

E.R. Mardis and B.A. Roe. Automated Methods for Single-Stranded DNA
and Dideoxynucleotide DNA Sequencing Reactions on a Robotic Workstation.
BioTechniques 7, 840-850 (1989).

S. L. Chissoe, Y.F. Wang, S.W.  Clifton, N. Ma, H.J. Sun, J. S. Lobsinger,
M. Kenton, J. D. White and B. A. Roe. Strategies for Rapid and Accurate DNA
Sequencing. Methods: A Companion to Methods In Enzymology. 3, 55-65 (1991).

        So here it is.  Enjoy.  I've also put a copy on our gopher site.
Here's the info about obtaining this protocol via gopher:

Gopher to gopher.uoknor.edu

Arrow down to number 5 and hit return:
 -->  5.  Other OU Gophers, Services & Data/

then, arrow down to number 8 and hit return:
 -->  8.  Oklahoma University Genetic Computer Group (OUGCG)/

and then arrow down to number 8 and hit|`it return to view the protocol
 -->  8.  diatom_earth_prep.txt [18-Feb 06:43:36, 23KB].

and then type 'm' to get it mailed to you.

Please reference:
K. Iyer, J. Crabtree, S. Clifton, S. Chissoe, E. Mardis and B. A. Roe, 
(1994) Isolation Of Cosmid, Plasmid and P1 DNAs via Diatomaceous
Maxi, Midi and Mini-preps, *and* the non-Diatomaceous Earth-based
manuscript submitted for publication.

Bruce A. Roe	  University of Oklahoma	          February 17, 1994
e-mail: broe at aardvark.ucs.uoknor.edu


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