Interesting WWW links for scientists!!!!

Martin Leach leach at
Sun Apr 10 08:06:32 EST 1994

Hi netters,

while surfing the internet I have found a number of interesting WWW pages
using the program mosaic.

I think it would be a good thing if other scientists here could post
interesting WWW hypermedia links also.

To start the ball rolling here are a couple.

Walter Gilbert Labs (Harvard)

NIH home page
(choose the grant topic then you can search and find out how much your
competitors are getting and what they proposed in their grant......all of
this is public information)

BioMOO home page (virtual meeting place for scientists over internet)

Boston University Home page

The beer page (for scientists that also experiment at home!!!!!)

I would like to go to other interesting places. If anyone out there has
some sites they would like to share then post them.....



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p.s. try BioMOO (virtual biology on the internet - telnet 8888)

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