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Mon Apr 11 23:22:49 EST 1994

Because I am a small operation,  I hesitated to purchase the screen gasket I
need for my Millipore hydrosol stainless filter holder (47 mm).  I had
(operating word) had two perfectly good coarse-frit glass funnel sets.
That was until I got clumsy on Saturday.
The reason I hesitated to purchse the screen gasket is that they only sell
them in packs of 25 at the exhorbitant price of $59.00.  I tried pleading, but
they wouldn't separate them into smaller packages.
It would take me forever to use these gaskets up.  But by not buying, I just
made it necessary to spend $68.00 to replace the broken funnel.
Has anyone out here got an extra gasket I can buy or would anyone like to
'go in with me' to purchase them?
I ran into the same problem with theSwinnex Disc Filter holder, 25 mm, when I
was looking for some  new gaskets.  They are $100/pack and $53.00.  I really
only need one or two, but really don't want to buy a hundred, nor can I afford
One reason I hesitated to buy them is that I was trying to find a jobber who
did 'repackage'.  Lacking one, shall I volunteer?

Am I the only one struggling to purchase these necessary parts and not being
able to buy useful and reasonable quantities for a very small operation?

Any useful comments would be appreciated.
Sue Katz,  Biology at Doane College, Crete, NE
DKatz at

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