Klenow question

Shiao Y. Wang sywang at whale.st.usm.edu
Mon Apr 11 22:28:12 EST 1994

Henry (sticknbd at ctrvax.vanderbilt.edu) wrote:
: When I make random-primed probes, the protocol I use
: says to stop the reaction after 30 to 60 minutes with
: EDTA (or heat), which I always do.  What would be the
: consequences of allowing the reaction to continue?  I
: cannot envision any ill effects of letting the reaction
: go, even if it were to go on for several hours.  Comments?
: sticknbd at miranda.cc.vanderbilt.edu

I've never understood the logic behind the EDTA step either. I skip it and
use the probe generated without EDTA or probe cleanup. Does anyone know
the logic behind the EDTA step?

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