insect vectors

Mon Apr 11 16:06:58 EST 1994

I am presently gathering as large an assortment as possible of promoters,
reporter genes and vectors for perfoming insect embryo transformation.  I
am in dire need of an easily scorable (not lux) reporter plasmid as well
as a regulated promoter system.  This WILL NOT be a transient gene expression
experiment BUT the development of transgenic moths. I would appreciate any
and all assistance.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions,
please contact me directly as I do not visit this group on a frequent basis.
If you have available plasmids, and are willing to share, I would be more
than happy to give the appropriate recognition in any publications which may
result.  Send materials to:    J. DeVault *  P.O. Box 5674 * Fargo, ND  58105
Thanks in advance for these considerations......................
Jim D.

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