Biosafety requirements for Class II organisms

meinersmann at BSCR.UGA.EDU meinersmann at BSCR.UGA.EDU
Mon Apr 11 09:41:09 EST 1994

My agency (US Federal Govt) has decided that we have not been following the 
NIH/CDC guidelines for handling class 2 organisms very well.  They note that 
the guidelines call for the use of containment hoods for procedures that are
likely to cause aerosols.  They have decided that there is no procedure that
can be thought of that is not likely to create aerosols.  Therefore, all 
procedures with class 2 organisms must now be done in containment hoods.  
No procedures are considered safe for the bench top.  This applies to all
recombinants that would be classified as class 2 as well as the enteric 
bacteria that I am particularly interested in.  They have also raise a 
concern with potential allergins, practically stating that they need to be
handled in the same way.

This policy seems to me to be beyond what is customary in most labs that I
have seen.  I want to poll the network on what is considered reasonable and
customary for handling class 2 organisms.  How many people use hoods for all
their handling of recombinants and class 2 pathogens?  What are the safety
precautions normally taken, especially at commercial institutions?  What 
measures are generally taken to create a zero risk of exposure by the
janitorial staff and other uninvolved personnel?

Thanks for your input.

Rick Meinersmann
Disclaimer:  As always, if killed or captured, the Secretary will disavow any
knowledge of the existence of me or my mission.  i.e. Any expressed opinion
is my own and does not represent the policy of any federal agency.

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