How do you make Deionized foramide?

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: >	The subject says it all really,  we want it for Southern
: >and Northen work,   and are tired of having to wait for it from 
: >CloneTech,  (lower cost would be another plus point...)
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: 	According to Maniatis, just sit your formamide with
: Dowex XG8 mixed-bed resin for one hour and filter twice through
: Whatman #1 paper.  Store deionized formamide in small aliquots
: under nitrogen at -70 C. Another resin is Bio-Rad's AG501-X8(D )
: (20-50 mesh).  Use 5 g /100 ml.

: Mike

: P.S.  This stuff is in every basic lab book, like Maniatis or
: Current Protocols or Met. Enzymol. 152.  It's pretty easy to
: find, and you'll probably feel more confident seeing it there
: rather than in one of the postings here.

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This probably goes against the grain somewhat but I find that most of the
formamide that you buy doesnt need to be deionised unless it has a slight
yellow colour to it.  I generally dont bother and have had no problems
with my Northerns or Southerns.


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