Metaphor Agarose - how is it?

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Tue Apr 12 05:55:14 EST 1994

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>Subject: Metaphor Agarose - how is it?
>Date: 8 Apr 1994 11:41:01 -0700

>Hello all!

>I've been thinking of trying out Metaphor Agarose from FMC. It's supposedly
>good for separating out low molecular weight DNA fragments. Does anyone 
>have any experience with it? How does it compare with NuSieve?

>Any and all comments appreciated!


>Gina Berardesco
>4700gbera at
>Univ. Massachusetts, Boston

I tried it and found it useless. The band were not well defined and the 
resolution poor.  I ended up using polyacrylamide which was much much better.

Sami Damak
Lincoln University

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