What services are availible for a fee?

Hank Seifert h-seifert at nwu.edu
Tue Apr 12 13:42:24 EST 1994

I am assembling a list of biological services available within
Universities in the United States for a fee.  These must be available to 
researchers from other institutions.  Core facilities that 
provide services that are hard or too expensive for an individual laboratory 
are the targeted subject.  An short list of the type of  services would be:

DNA sequencing, 
peptide/protein sequencing, 
transgenic production, 
mouse knock-out production, 
monoclonal and polyclonal antibody production. 

Please email a short description of the service, a contact person (phone and 
email), and any general pricing information.  I will post a summary of the 
Hank Seifert <h-seifert at nwu.edu>
Northwestern University

Northwestern University

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