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Tue Apr 12 17:44:23 EST 1994

	We are interested in purchasing a new PCR machine for our
lab.  We currently have a single block (30 samples) unit made by
Ericomp.  We are very pleased with it and have the parameters set to
give us maximum amplification of fish mitochondria DNA.  We are soon
going to need a bigger unit in oder to amplify three mitochondria
fragments from 1300 fish fin clips.  I am interested in something
that has a microtiter plate format (96 samples) and does not need
mineral oil as an overlay.  I would like some suggestions on
machines that people have purchased and been happy with as well as
any suggestions on a DNA extraction method which would be faster
than the current alkaline lysis method (+ 2 hr incubation in the
presence of proteinase K) with a phenol/chloroform clean-up.  I am
investigating some of the DNA prep kits which various companies
sell, but most of them assume you are starting with cell cultures
rather than tissue samples.  I am also attracted to the microtiter
format of preparing PCR reactions because I would not have to label
so many tubes and could use a multichannel pipetman.  Any
suggestions would be appreciated.

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