stratagene pCR-script--- good or bad?

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>> Howdy folks, 
>> Can any users of the above mentioned cloning vector/ kit post some
>> opinions concerning performance?  I am currently cloning into pSP72 using
>> the pharmacia sureclone kit and have found that it works fine but gives
>> colonies without inserts a fair proportion of the time.  
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>I have not used pCR Script but I have used the TA vector PCR II from In
>vitrogen.  This product works great!  My only suggestion if you use it though
>is that you should phenol:chloroform your PCR product, run it on a gel and
>glass extract the product.  Good luck!
I have used both the pcr script and the invitrogen PCR II kit.  I've had better
luck with the pcr script but ran out of the restriction enzyme rather quickly
and found out that it was very expensive and very back-ordered so I used sma I
instead and that works too.  I think the pcr script works better if you use an
enzyme that does not put the extra A on when you do pcr (like vent).  

Rae Nishi
Portland Oregon
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