Differential Display PCR - what is it?

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> What is the above?
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Hi Duncan:	
In my opinion this happens to be one of the technology of the future
that will be used exclusively in the future to identify unique
transcripts when the effect of a particular treatment is to be
studied.  In this method selected population of cDNAs are made using
polyT-CA (for eg.,) followed by amplification with this primer and
an upstream arbitraty primer.  This will generate a unique fingerprint
of the message dependent on cell type, type of polyT used and the
type or arbitrary primer used.  By comparing the standard and the
treated group of cells, you can identify the presence of the isolate
the sequences corresponding to the messaged that are uniquely present
in a cancerous cell as opposed to its normal cell counterpart, identify
the messages that are expressed following infection with a pathogen
or with a drug and as far as I am concerned the list can go on pretty
	Following are some of the references based on Liang and Pardee's
work.  Incidentally, McClelland also reported similar but not same
technique about the same time in NAR (Welsh et al., Arbitrarily primer
PCR fingerprinting of RNA. NAR 20:4965).  But their technique was not
specific to mRNA whereas Liang and Pardees technique is, I believe,
preferential but not exclusive to mRNA in view of the use of
polyT-NN for making cDNA.  
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