Interesting WWW links for scientists!!!!

Artur Burzynski burzynas at
Wed Apr 13 18:04:55 EST 1994

In article <leach-100494080626 at>, you say:
>Hi netters,
>while surfing the internet I have found a number of interesting WWW pages
>using the program mosaic.
>I think it would be a good thing if other scientists here could post
>interesting WWW hypermedia links also.
>To start the ball rolling here are a couple.

NCBI home page:

You can access BLAST similarity search program & database from here.

In article <2oc3uo$qkr at>, mhollowa at (Michael Holloway) says:>
>Oh great.  Just in time for the bug fixed version probably.  Mosaic 2.alpha2
>for Windows is less than stable.  The NCBI Blast page brings it down like a 
>load of bricks.  NCBI is not interested in fixing the problem.  I got one 
>reply from them that seemed to imply that I should buy a Unix box if I want
>to use their service.  

If you can get Mosaic2.alpha3 to work, it has no problems loading
Blast search page. But up to now I was unable to complete any search 
this way either. Maybe the next version...

Try also this:

or this:

Using of complex documents with current windows mosaic could be impossible,
but you can try also this:

(BTW one can get access to this particular database with special program
for Mackintosh or via telnet after registration - but free)

Artur Burzynski

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