Actin probes in Northerns

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Wed Apr 13 16:07:06 EST 1994

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(Kelly Tetro) wrote:
> In my reading, I have noticed many people use actin as a positive
> control in Northern Blots. I am wondering where I might find
> actin cDNA. I have also been told there are several types of
> actin (alpha, beta and gamma), which are in HeLa cells?
> I would sincerely appreciate any information or advice you can
> give.
> Kelly Tetro


Actin is not necessarily a good control for northerns especially if you are
using it to standardise between cell states as it's expression cahnges with
cell activity.  I suggest you use a ribosomal RNA probe

 deLeeuw, W. J. F., P. E. Slagboom, and J. Vijg. 1989. Quantitative
comparison of mRNA levels in mammalian tissue: 28S ribosomal RNA level as
an accurate internal control. Nucl. Acids Res. 17:10137.


Adrian Molenaar

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