Protein Precipitation

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Wed Apr 13 15:07:52 EST 1994

I've been using this for years...  (Thanks to Lilia Babe' who sent it when I
left it behind.)

TCA/DOC precipitation of proteins

Solns:	TCA/DOC solution-
	4mg/ml DOC in 100% TCA (100% TCA made as per Maniatis)
	(DOC is Deoxycholic Acid)

	Add 1/10 volume of TCA/DOC solution, vortex
	15' on ice
	Spin 14,000g (ufuge on max) 10'
	Aspirate supernatant
	Add 1ml -20degreeC acetone, vortex briefly
	Spin 14,000g 10'
	Aspirate supernatant
	Speed-vac to dry (about 15')
	Add 1:1 water:4X Laemmli, vortex, 95degreeC 10' and load

	You can use less DOC in the TCA/DOC soln. if it seems to much to
		resuspend in the volumes you are using.
	Use less TCA/DOC (down to 1/20 volume if there is a lot of protein
		in your sample.
	You can leave on ice (or 4degreeC) overnight if you like.  Slightly
		shorter times are ok too.
	If the solution is yellow after adding the Laemmli add 0.5-1 ul of
		2M Tris, not pH'd to bring the pH up to where it should be.
	The precipitation doesn't work so well if the [Ammonium Sulfate] is
		greater than 20%.  You'll need to dilute it to <20% before


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