Trinucleotide repeat Expansion (RED)

Edward Stenroos stenroos at
Wed Apr 13 14:49:07 EST 1994

   I have tried the technique described by Schalling Nature Genetics
4:135-139,1993. several times and I do not get anything.
    I have tried;
        Several positive controls (fragile-X, Huntingtons, Myotonic dystrophy
) and normal controls. 
        Different cycles for the ligation reaction.
        Diffferent template concentrations.
        Adding more Enzyme after 100 cycles.
        Different rxn volumes.
   My labeled oligos are allways good and hot.

At no time have I seen anything that I could say is a band other than

If there is anyone out there that has some experience with this technique
and that could point me in the right direction or give me a few tips I would
be greatful! 

stenroos at

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