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I have had that problem when I used plates the first time after
siliconizing them with dichlorodimethylsilane.  The gel used to crawl out
into the top tank.  You can avoid this by washing the plates with a
slightly abrasive powder detergent after you siliconize them.  That always
worked for me.

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> In a previous article, wzhao at () says:
> >Hi, netters:
> >
> >When prewarm the sequencing gel, the gel seems like going up,
> >make the sharkteeth comb come very inside the gel. I don't know
> >what is going on?
> >Could anybody tell me what to do?
> >Thanks in advance!
> >
> >Wei
> >
> smells like a buffer problem to me.  are you certain that the buffer in the
> gel is identical to that in the buffer wells?  ionic strength and all that?
> be careful when using commercially-prepared gel premixes, as i have heard
> horror stories of inconsistent batches, buffer screwups and the like.
> i warm my gels without a comb; just before loading i rinse out the top,
> insert the comb, load and run.
> diz

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