Scanning of Agarose Gels

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>I know this is difficult too see with words. For those who know how to 
>uudecode, I may post a uuencoded scan of the agarose gel. Again this is 
>only possible with a overwhelming response :-) Posting a scanned 
>sequencing gel autorad is out of the question.

I am currently working on a presentation/paper for a project laboratory
course which I am taking, and am considering including scanned gel
photographs for both overheads and as figures in the paper. 
Unfortunately I am having some trouble getting the smaller bands (which
seem visible to the naked eye) to show up in the scanned image.  I was
wondering if you have encountered similar difficulties and if so, were
able to resolve it with a change in software or hardware?  (I can
probably get access to better software and hardware if it would help, but
is it worth the effort?)  I am currently using Ofoto, and an HP Scanjet
IIp.  Any help/ideas anyone can provide would be appreciated.  Thanks in

Matt McLeod
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