Scanning of Agarose Gels

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Wed Apr 13 23:47:57 EST 1994

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> I am currently working on a presentation/paper for a project laboratory
> course which I am taking, and am considering including scanned gel
> photographs for both overheads and as figures in the paper. 
> Unfortunately I am having some trouble getting the smaller bands (which
> seem visible to the naked eye) to show up in the scanned image.  I was
> wondering if you have encountered similar difficulties and if so, were
> able to resolve it with a change in software or hardware?  (I can
> probably get access to better software and hardware if it would help, but
> is it worth the effort?)  I am currently using Ofoto, and an HP Scanjet
> IIp.  Any help/ideas anyone can provide would be appreciated.  Thanks in
> advance.
> Matt McLeod
> MIT '95
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I use Ofoto to scan my gels and I've found that if I can see a band,
I can get it to show up on the computer.  If you play around with the
brightness/contrast, highlight/shadow, and focus controls even faint
bands can be brought out.  The most useful control is focus.  It really
brings out faint bands.
Of course, you always have to be careful that the manipulations don't
alter the meaning of the data...


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