Strange agarose gel ethidium bromide staining fading

huangbx at DEAKIN.EDU.AU huangbx at DEAKIN.EDU.AU
Thu Apr 14 18:12:28 EST 1994

Hello Netters,

I am encountered an extraordinary strange phenomenon agarose gel ethidium
bromide staining fading.

Initially I ran my agarose gel in 1 x TAE buffer and stained the gel in
ethidium bromide water solution. The images in the gels could last long
enough for me to record the results and take photographes. Suddenly from my
 55th PCR run, the gel once was put on the UV box, the images in the gel
was fading so quickly that it was not long enough for me to do the
necessary recording. What I did was to clean the container and make up
another new solution. This new step would not help it at all.

Then I switched to 1 x TBE buffer, the ethidium bromide solution was made
up with 1 x TBE buffer as well. This measure slowered the fading. Again
from my 85th PCR run, the fading  is so quick.

Does anyone have this sort of experience? Could you kindly give me some
advice? Or any comments will be very appreciated!

Thank you very much for your time.

Bixing Huang
huangbx at 

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