Decontamination of phage-waste?

Stuart Kuhstoss sk at
Thu Apr 14 11:29:14 EST 1994

In Article <Co6r8H.Js2 at>, ptk at (Peter
Kristensen) wrote:
>Dear Netters!
>I have heard that diversol is very little effective in cleaning up after
>phage work.
>Could anyone advice me on a more effective (cheap and not very time consuming)
>way of cleaning up after such work. (the phage we are working with is of the
>M13 type).
>Thanks in advance.
>Peter Kristensen
>Department of Chemistry
>Division of Biostructural Chemistry
>University of Aarhus
>E.mail: ptk at

Common household bleach.  Cheap and effective.

Stu Kuhstoss

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