hybridization ovens

Shiao Y. Wang sywang at whale.st.usm.edu
Thu Apr 14 16:49:06 EST 1994

Richard B. Taylor (rtaylor at lonestar.utsa.edu) wrote:
: Newsgroups: Bionet.molbio.methds-reagnts
: Subject: Hybridization oven

: We are considering the purchase of a hybridization oven for our
: lab for doing Southerns and northerns (and possibly westerns).
: We were impressed with the information we obtained in some
: advertising copy about the Hybaid Mini 10 oven.  Would
: anyone with experience with this oven or other ovens of
: this type please share the results of that experience with
: me?  Are there any special warnings about the use of these
: ovens for hybridizations that we ought to know about?  We are 
: currently using our PCR air oven for this purpose.

You might want to consider a blot deveopment system from BioComp. I
have been very impressed with its flexibility and ease of use. There are
many different roller bottle options for different size membranes. I bought it
because it was very economical (around $850; roller bottles separate). The
part that attracted my attention was that the device and the oven part can
be purchased separately. I had an old large laboratory oven, so I thought, why
buy another. I got an electrician on campus to replace the old thermostat with
an electronic controller ($220) that I ordered from Omega. Total cost for
hybridization oven around $1200. When I'm not doing blots, the oven can be
used for something else. Phone number for BioComp is 1-800-561-4221.

I am interested in you opinion of your PCR air oven. I heard they are
slower but have great uniformity in terms of temperature. My thermocycler
has a capacity of 30 tubes and often I have more samples. An air oven
would provide greater capacity and flexibility in terms of format. Any
comments, suggestions would be appreciated. Good luck with your
hybridization oven.

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