PCR probes

Shiao Y. Wang sywang at whale.st.usm.edu
Thu Apr 14 11:39:54 EST 1994

Martin Leach (leach at mbcrr.harvard.edu) wrote:
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: > Hi netters,
: > 
: > Has anyone performed a PCR reaction in the presence of a 32P dNTP and
: > then used the product to probe a Southern blot?
: > If there is any interest I will post a summary.
: > 
: >                        Many thanks,
: >                          Simon    (futers at biovax.leeds.ac.uk)

: I believe many people do this - although i prefer the random priming method
: with hexamers (only takes 30mins).

Interesting question. Both produce hot probes that work well but PCR may
have some advantages. E.g., PCR should produce far more labeled material and
would be less expensive to make. The cost aspect may not be true because
I'm thinking of random priming kits (around $5/reaction) vs components for
PCR (around $1/reaction), not including labeled nucleotide. Anybody have
real numbers?

Shiao Wang
University of Southern Mississippi

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