Need highly expressed clone in LambdaZap

Philip L. Carl plc at
Thu Apr 14 10:56:29 EST 1994

For a class exercise I would like to find a gene with a relatively
abundant m-RNA that has been cloned in LambdaZap.  In addition we would
like a gene to which there is a commercially available antibody.  The
reason we are seeking such a clone is that we would
like for the students to be able to do antibody screening of a library,
easily isolate the insert, do a northern, and a western all using the same
gene.  We have made some progress in this project using an actin target,
but we have problems screening actin phage clones with antibody-possibly
due to the insolubility of actin in E. coli.  Does anyone have suggestions
as to how to adapt lifts to pick up insoluble "bricks", and/or can they
suggest some similar gene which would be useful for such a demonstration. 
We are thinking of using one of the heat shock genes?  Comments.

Phil Carl

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