Qiaex and ligations

Helge Weissig helgew at LJCRF.EDU
Thu Apr 14 16:42:03 EST 1994

Dear Guy,

I'd asume off the top of my head, that you might have some silica carried over during the elution step. I usually spin the eluate again for 5 min. and transfer it to a fresh tube.

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At 01:20 PM 04/14/94 +0100, LOGAN wrote:
>Dear Netters, I am posting this for a friend, but as he doesn't have a mailbox
>could you please e-mail replies to this address. logan at montpellier.inra.fr
>We have just switched from geneclean to Qiaex for economic reasons, but there
>seems now to be a problem with our ligations, has anyone had any similar
>experience, and any solutions/ideas? One idea is that we may not be doing the
>drying step properly, they say too long and your DNA is stuck for good, but that
>you have to get rid of the ethanol!, so maybe its residual ethanol that is the
>problem. Sorry if this has been discussed before.
>Thank you very much for any advice.


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