How to get Mosaic for WWW browsing

Dennis Benson dab at
Thu Apr 14 16:03:49 EST 1994

Michael Holloway (mhollowa at wrote:
> In article <leach-100494083712 at> leach at (Martin Leach) writes:
> >BTW rumour has it a company has bought the rights to Mosaic. Therefore, get
> >the program running now before all traces are removed.!!!

> Oh great.  Just in time for the bug fixed version probably.  Mosaic 2.alpha2
> for Windows is less than stable.  The NCBI Blast page brings it down like a 
> load of bricks.  NCBI is not interested in fixing the problem.  I got one 
> reply from them that seemed to imply that I should buy a Unix box if I want
> to use their service.  

> Mike Holloway
> mhollowa at

Mike -- We've spent lots of time looking at the problem and all the evidence
pointed to a problem with Mosaic -- we just received a message from a user
who tried the latest alpha release of Mosaic 2.0 and the Blast search window 
worked.  We've also put up the Alpha 3 release and it corrected the problem
for us as well.

Please give Alpha 3 a try and let us know if this does the trick


Dennis Benson


Subject: Re: Mosaic window client and BLAST
To: Herve Recipon <recipon at>

   I have tried mosaic 2.0 alpha3 and the blast search window is fine.
   alpha 3 is a 32bit application which requires users to install win32 to

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