hybridization ovens

Tony Sanchez tsanchez at eye1.eye.ufl.edu
Fri Apr 15 07:04:32 EST 1994

Hi Richard,

I have used several different hyb ovens over the years and I find the Biometra 
series the best. (Biometra Inc.  550 N Reo St. Tampa Fl 33609 1-800-932-7250).  The 
main problems I have found with the others has been unreliable temperature 
control and an inability to get to ambiant temperature.  Another important feature 
to look at is how easy is it to clean in the event of a spill.  One oven I had (Robbins 
Scientific) was a real pain to clean.   One of the newer features in hyb ovens is a 
rocking or rotating plateform in the bottom of the oven.  I find this feature very 
useful and would not buy another hyb oven without one.

Hope this helps

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