E-mail for John Bertin and S. Tajbaksh

Brigitte Weston weston at skyfox.usask.ca
Fri Apr 15 17:38:01 EST 1994

Hello netters,  I am looking for the e-mail addresses of two researchers
who were graduate students at the time I was working on my M.Sc. at
Carleton Universty, Ottawa, Canada (1987).  John Bertin may have just
finished a Ph.D. at McGill University and Shahragim Tajbaksh may have
completed a post-doc in France (Strassbourge??).  My searches through
Gopher and WAIS have not been successful.  Does anyone have anym news?
Thanks in advance,

Brigitte Weston
Department of Crop Science
Saskatoon, SK
Weston at sask.usask.ca

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