Polariod slide maker

Mark Jason Logan mjlogan at whale.st.usm.edu
Sat Apr 16 18:31:45 EST 1994

We use a similar setup printing graphics from MS Powerpoint.  Many of
these graphics were drawn with CorelDraw.  In short the slides look
fantastic.  You can get very high resolution shooting slides out of
PowerPoint, of course it helps to have a program like Super Que(sic) to
help line up all these big printing jobs.  Depending upon the resolution
desird (4096Kb) it takes about 9 minutes to print a slide to the pallette.

If you make or need a lot of slides save yourself some $ and get you one
of these gizmos.  By the way I do not work for Polaroid or am I in any way
associated with them.

Hope this helps, e-mail me if you need to.

Mark Logan

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