Nucleic Acid Binding on Syringe Filters

dkim at dkim at
Sat Apr 16 17:46:41 EST 1994


I am trying to use a small syringe filter as a replacement for Millipore's
Ultra-Free MC cartridge filters for centrifugation. I have only a very small
volume to be cleared (I am doing POly(A+) selections), so I thought I could
use the cheaper mini syringe filters supplied by Nalgene. These have Luer-
ends for syringe use and either a Nylon or Cellulose Acetate membrane of 0.2
or 0.45 micron pore size.

Do either of these membranes bind significant amounts of RNA under low salt
conditions? How about high salt conditions. The Nalgene people have only data
regarding protein binding.


Daniel Kim
kim at

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