NIH biosafety guidelines needed

Marion Freistadt mfreis at
Mon Apr 18 14:19:24 EST 1994

>I am looking for some NIH-released safety guidelines concerning MOL BIOtopics
>All I have found searching through Gopherspace was the " Guidelines for researc
> involving recombinant DNA", released May 1986 (!!).
>Any hint would be greatly appreciated
>Dr Michael P Szostak
>Internet: michi at

I have the handbook "Biosfety in Microbiological and Biomedical
Laboratories".  It may be that there is not a separate book for recombinant
materials.  This book is HHS Publication No. (CDC) 93-8395.  Mine was a
complimentary copy fro the NIH AIDS reagent Program.  Inside it says" For
sale by the Superintendant of Documnts, US Government Printing
Office...202-512-2356...Write...Super.of Doc. USGPO, WASY, 20402.  $3.75.
Stock # 017-040-00523-7."
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