lambda PCR

Przemko przemko at
Mon Apr 18 05:36:37 EST 1994

We are using PCR directly on bacterial colonies to get inserts
(for cloning or to prepare probe or to check cloning) and it works
like a dream. No purification, no nothing. Just pick a colony and go.
Now we have to do the same but on lambda plaques. It appears however
that it is not so easy. We get a lot of background, nonspecific bands etc.
We use commercial primers (Promega, I believe).
I did some literature search but the methods published are still
somewhat long and not really good if I would like to do quickly
40 plaques...
So, does anyone out there (I mean here) have a QUICK and EASY way
to do pcr on lambda (we have it in gt10) and would be willing to share
it with me (and anyone else interested)
I would greatly appreciate any help I can get

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