Differential Display :

Joann Schnetzer BIO schnetze at chuma.ec.usf.edu.
Tue Apr 19 15:16:47 EST 1994

I'm having problems getting the results of my differential display 
experiment. I followed the established protocol for this procedure 
(Liang,et.al. I believe - Don't hold me to it though) and my gel shows 
streaking/fuzzes; yet no clear banding patterns like sequencing (which is 
how it is supposed to be). Does anyone know whether the problem is in the 
RNA (I used total, although this isn't supposed to cause problems) the 
DNAse treatment of the RNA (placental ribonuclease inhibitor added with 
DNAse I), the RT, the PCR, or ???. 

No one else in my department is doing this technique - just me, and I'm 
still a low-on-the-totempole-undergrad. Any suggestions will be greatly 

Please e-mail me at:

schnetze at chuma.cas.usf.edu

with any helpful suggestions, (or lighthearted jokes, if you're witty)

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