Metaphor agarose summary

4700gbera at UMBSKY.CC.UMB.EDU 4700gbera at UMBSKY.CC.UMB.EDU
Tue Apr 19 14:24:20 EST 1994

Hi folks!

A few weeks back I asked how people liked Metaphor Agarose from FMC for 
separation of small DNA fragments. The responses were varied, 
some people liked it, some didn't. The final tally:
4 people thought it was wonderful, and 3 thought it wasn't very good at all. 
In general, the people who liked it found that it had very good resolution,
as good as polyacrylamide. Those who didn't like it commented that the bands
were diffuse, and the resolution was poor. 

It was mentioned that it you give FMC a call they will gladly send a sample.

Another poster suggested I try Nusieve 3:1, also by FMC. I did, and
it  worked wonderfully, so I've decided not to bother trying  
Metaphor. personal recommendation is to use Nusieve 3:1. If you need greater
resolution, give FMC a call and try Metaphor out. And let us all know what 
you think!

My thanks to everyone who responded-


Gina Berardesco
4700gbera at
Univ. Massachusetts, Boston

Usual disclaimers - I don't work for FMC etc. etc. etc.....

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