Brij58 in blocking? Or others

SUSI pesusi at
Tue Apr 19 11:20:55 EST 1994

Hi all netters!
I had a question in newsgroup few weeks ago concerning blocking. A lady send me
a reply telling that Brij 58 is a good blocker. Well sorry to say I lost her
address , so If you read this again I would like to get a message from you!
I am interested in concentration and overall usage of that specific reagent. So
if you see this, send me a note please. Of course other people dealing with 
Brij 58 or other funny blocking substances will be noticed. P.S could anyone
explain me how different blockers actually work? I mean if you use different
membranes, say zeta-probe (highly cationic) nitrocellulose or PVDF

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