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> > I have had that problem when I used plates the first time after
> > siliconizing them with dichlorodimethylsilane.  The gel used to crawl out
> > into the top tank.  You can avoid this by washing the plates with a
> > slightly abrasive powder detergent after you siliconize them.  That always
> > worked for me.
> > 
> In our lab, we found that Rain-X (found in auto shops) is a great
> substitute for silicon, and less toxic.  We avoid the "crawling" phenomenon
> by only Rain-Xing the short plate, so that the gel sticks to the long
> plate.
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I also use Rain-ex now but still like to siliconize both plates.  I don't
have a crawling problem as long as I was the plates with comet before I use

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