Metaphor agarose summary

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Wed Apr 20 09:50:22 EST 1994

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 <4700gbera at UMBSKY.CC.UMB.EDU>(Gina Berardesco) wrote:
>Another poster suggested I try Nusieve 3:1, also by FMC. I did, and
>it  worked wonderfully, so I've decided not to bother trying
> personal recommendation is to use Nusieve 3:1. If you need greater
>resolution, give FMC a call and try Metaphor out. And let us all know what
>you think!

A further note-
At least two other products are availiable- Synergel from Diversified Biotech 
and Visigel from Stratagene.  I found that they both worked about as well as 
Nu-sieve and were substantially less expensive.  One small negative, they are
slightly more hassle to prepare.

All the best,
Cliff Beall
Ohio State Biotechnology Center

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