Carbohydrates & Coumarin Detection

Steven Striepeke sstriepk at
Wed Apr 20 16:34:30 EST 1994

Recently I saw a New England Biolabs ad in a journal that showed a 
picture of a TLC plate with coumarin 120 labelled oligosaccharides on it. I 
was courious if anyone knows the method and can explain how the coumarin 
labelled oligos are detected. The photo in the ad shows blue bands on a 
white background which makes me think that they were not photographing 

If anyone has used the method can you say what the sensitivity is?

I assume that the derivatization with coumarin 120 of the oligosaccharide 
probably involves
reductive amination just like F.A.C.E. and some of the pyridylamination 
schemes used by others.

Steve Striepeke
Glyko, Inc.

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